Anthony Bean, Ph.D.                      Licensed Psychologist  #37328

Dr. Bean has worked with all ages across the lifespan focusing on various difficulties with specific life circumstances and general life concerns.  He focuses on individual strengths and normalizing experiences throughout the lifespan and encourages individuals to rediscover their internal strengths.  Additionally, Dr. Bean specializes in video games, children & adolescents, and the virtual worlds played in.  He is considered an expert in this growing field, has been published extensively in the discipline.  He works with children, adolescents, and adults who  play video games and their families to better understand the immersive effects video games have upon the individual and resulting family dynamics. Dr. Bean utilizes video game character identification techniques and other archetypal experiences to understand and develop intrinsic motivations for playing, personal identity, and discovering conscious and unconscious conflicts, cognitions, and behaviors.  He has worked with children, adolescents, and adults on discovering their own symbolic transformations through the playing of video games and dealing with depression, trauma, anxiety, social isolation, and other common diagnoses to great success.

Dr. Bean currently teaches at local colleges in person and online on the concepts of psychology, video games, life experiences, and how they are overlaid upon our lives.  He is a regular guest of Tauren Think Tank and other radio shows and podcasts.  If you would like to have him on your show, podcast, conference panel or for any other questions; he can be reached at anthonymbeanphd@gmail.com.

His clinical interests include archetypal identification, depth psychology, video games as therapeutic tools, play therapy, and personality research.  Currently, Dr. Bean has been published in various forms regarding psychopathology, video gaming, personality of gamers, adolescents and gaming, and currently works with gamers to understand their identities in virtual worlds and how it interplay’s with the real world.  Additionally, he presents at conferences on psychology, video gamer identity, and personality of video gamers.

Dr. Bean obtained his Ph.D. from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California.  He additionally holds a Masters of Science in Criminology from Florida State University. and a Bachelors of Art in Psychology with a minor in Neurobiology from Framingham State University

Dr. Bean is available for speaking events and one-on-one coaching on how to use video games as archetypal images in therapy, how to use video games to build rapport quicker, using video games in therapy to heal clients, and as a video game expert.  He can be reached at anthonymbeanphd@gmail.com for more information.

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