Dr. Bean is an out of network provider.   As such, Dr. Bean can provide a Super Bill which may be accepted and repaid by your insurance company.  Dr. Bean additionally completes evaluations for admission into the Police Academy and also for Police Promotion.  Please contact him as to finding out an appointment time for these specialist evaluations.

Payment of the balance will be the responsibility of the insured or insured’s representative, parent, or guardian if he/she is under the age of 18 years of age.  Otherwise the following fees are set forth:

Service Fee in American Dollars

Therapeutic Services

Diagnostic and Evaluation Session (Initial Visit) 250.00
Family Sessions & Couple’s Therapy (60 minutes) 150.00
Double Sessions (1 hour and 45 minutes) 250.00
Regular Office Visit (45 minutes) 150.00
After Hours and Weekend Office Visit by Appointment (45 minutes) 200.00
School Visits 200.00

Psychological Testing

Psychological/Neuropsychological/Academic/Forensic Assessment 1,500.00 -5,000.00
Written Reports Assessment reports included in assessment fee
Assessment Feedback Session Included in assessment pricing (see above)
Duplicate Report 50.00

Administrative Costs

Court Appearances (must be scheduled two weeks in advance) 750.00 (half day), 1500.00 (whole day) 250.00 (for document preparation only)
Phone collaboration with attorneys, guardians, ARD meeting phone collaboration, or other practitioners 200.00/ 45 minutes
Letters 50.00
Professional Email Letters 50.00
Returned Check fee per check 25.00

Submitting a message to this site does not constitute a patient therapist relationship or any obligation of Bean Professional Psychological Services, PLLC or the consultant practitioners to provide a response or services.